compost and SoundGRO



Northwest gardens and lawns love our compost.  It is quality-tested, screened, 100% recycled yard waste from right here in our area!  It is guaranteed to be weed seed-free, because the controlled, natural heat process used during production prevents viable seeds from surviving.  Unlike other local, municipal composts, ours is made entirely from plant materials and does not contain sewage sludge and other such products.

We offer our compost in 1 cubic foot bags ($4.35ea)  or by the yard ($30.78/yd for pickup).  You can come pick it up at our facility or we can deliver it to you.  Please call us at 253-564-3212 for more information or to set up delivery.


The organic matter in SoundGRO is a nutrient rich, slow release formula that is an excellent choice to promote growth in your plants and enhance your soil’s structure and quality.  SoundGRO meets the EPA’s rigorous Class A “Exceptional Quality” standards and contains no detectable levels of pathogens.  SoundGRO is derived from biosolids and is sourced from Pierce County Public Works and Utilities.

SoundGRO is available in 50 lb bags ($13.19ea) at our facility.